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Roberto Cortez is originally from Nicaragua. From an early age and as a result of sociopolitical problems in his country he was forced to emigrate. First, he and his family moved to Mexico. Later on he moved to San Francisco, CA where he obtained a degree in Industrial Arts (Product Design and Development) from San Francisco State University.

The combination of drastic changes that occurred early on in his life; besides, his exposure to different sociopolitical, cultural and geographical scenarios definitely shaped his perception of the world and influenced his innate desire to create art.

Through the practice of Design he found a creative balance by combining his artistic ability with technical problem solving skills. Professionally he has explored and worked in different areas of the creative industry, such as Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Architecture, and Illustration. However, the practice of Art has given him the ultimate freedom of expression to explore his creative impulses at a deeper level and with more passion. As a self-taught visual artist who learns through trial and error he is constantly exploring alternative techniques and subject matters that can help him to improve his means of expression.

“When creating art, I spontaneously get involved with the experience of that particular moment, utilizing the media and techniques that simply feel right. The representations of my creations are of subjects and situations that I see and perceive throughout all my senses. From ordinary elements of everyday life to subjects that call for a profound analysis. For instance, the mysteries of nature, human & sociopolitical issues that stirs my awareness and also intangible subject matters that might transcend into spiritual interpretations”

By exploring Roberto’s art, you will discover a broad range of subjects that go from realism to abstract expression that defies logic and provokes intellectual challenge.

“Personally, I wouldn’t like to encapsulate myself into a specific art style. I think that artistic expression should flow freely without restrictions of any type. If I had to define my style, I would define it as: Free Style…continually evolving and diverse”.

Roberto strongly believes in Imaginative Thinking and Art as essential ways for connecting and transforming unconventional challenges. For instance, his love and ability for art and creating has spilled over another of his passions: Food. He compares cooking to painting or creating art in general:

“I’m captivated by the similarities between these two seemingly disparate realms. Cooking to me is like painting, and an empty plate is like a white canvas. It is in the same wavelength of any other creative process; you combine flavors, textures, colors, different cooking traditions and processes, then you create a new plate”.

Roberto currently lives in Greenville, SC. with his partner in life, Gina. They own and operate a widely popular Latin-fusion cuisine Restaurant and a mobile Food TruckASADA – which is located in the heart of Greenville’s Art District: The Village of West Greenville.

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