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Roberto Cortez

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“Everything starts with Imagination.” ~Roberto Cortez


Roberto Cortez desire to create is innate, originally from Nicaragua, he grew up surrounded by nature’s bright, bold colors of the tropic, the ocean and the dramatic sunsets that captivated and nurtured his imagination. However; from an early age and as a result of sociopolitical problems in his country he was forced to emigrate. First, he and his family moved to Mexico, later on he moved to San Francisco, CA.

In San Francisco he obtained a degree in Industrial Arts from San Francisco State University… Read more

Art with a Cause!!

Collect Original Art & Make a Difference

15% Donation for every Art piece sold!!


Art has the power to awaken our imagination and stir our emotions.  It also has the ability to bring awareness and appreciation of diversity that helps engage people to participate in making our world a little bit better.  With that in mind, I will be donating 15% of every piece of my art sold to one of the non-profit organization and/or charities below that I strongly believe would benefit and help others.

Abstract Art
Commisioned Art

Commission an Abstrat Portrait

Modern / Colorful / Energizing

With a blend of bold, bright and contrasting colors you can get your image immortalized through an expressive, and full of energy Abstract Portrait painting by Roberto Cortez.

Please fill out Contact Form below to discuss the portrait you envision.

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