Ethereal - A Spontaneous Approach

Visualize this Painting on your Walls!!

Ethereal - A Spontaneous Approach

[Oil on Canvas, 36” x 48”]

Sometimes I have a theme in mind when I approach the canvas. Other times, I simply allow my intuition to flow through. This painting is a great example of what can happen when I drop rigid expectations and embrace spontaneity. Perhaps it’s the artist’s way!     

The only tangible feeling I had in mind while painting this piece was that I wanted to capture something intangible. I love the way oils blend into each other to create dreamlike textures and forms. With that in mind, I chose a color palette that reflected an airy, sublime mood: Magenta, Raw Umber, Indian Red, and Rose Madder.


Visualize this Painting on your Walls!!

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As I painted one spontaneous stroke after another, I started to see a heavenly composition on the canvas. Adding some Ultramarine Blue to the mix added a more dynamic depth to the wispy forms, which to me, resemble divine light pouring forth.   

I completed this painting in just two days, and I’m satisfied with the celestial, elusive feeling it captures. I imagine the lower half of the composition is a cliff edge, perhaps on the side of a mountain. Beyond that is a burst of bright, white light, the strokes wafting from the right side of the canvas to the top-left.   

The mixture of warm tones and Ultramarine create a compelling focal point, one that invites the eye to dance around and appreciate the unique textures. I find the darker form on the left-hand side visually intriguing, a great way to break up the upper and lower halves of the canvas without disrupting the fluidity of the composition.

Visualize this Painting on your Walls

Ethereal seemed like the perfect name for this piece, as I approached it without attachment to the outcome. Interestingly, I ended up capturing this fleeting moment of magnificent sunlight descending on a natural landscape.